Allergy to pets: Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms Allergic reactions vary from person to person and usually occur in the form of a skin reaction, conjunctivitis, rhinitis or asthma. The first thing to do, in case of suspicion that our pets cause an allergy, is to consult a doctor, who will be able to verify if they actually constitute the cause of allergic symptoms

MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: "buffalo" or disease of the new millennium?

What is that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity , in English Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), is a chronic medical condition characterized by total intolerance to an environment, or rather to a category of chemical substances; among the most commonly incriminated are smoke, pesticides, plastic substances, petroleum derivatives, synthetic fabrics, perfumed products and paint vapors, caffeine and food additives (tartrazine, monosodium glutamate), hair dyes and sprays, shampoos and cosmetic ingredients of synthetic origin, especially if derived from oil

Great buttock

The gluteus maximus muscle is the most superficial and developed of the muscles of the gluteal region (66 cm 2 of section). It is covered by the superficial gluteal fascia and in an upright position it covers the ischial tuberosity (while in the sitting position it leaves it free). In relation to its origin two parts can be distinguished, one superficial and one deep

Muscles of the Forearm by A.Griguolo

Generality The muscles of the forearm are the muscles that are seated, totally or only partially, along the anatomical portion between the elbow and the wrist. There are a total of 20 forearm muscles; of these 20 muscle elements, 8 make up the so-called anterior compartment of the forearm (muscles of the forearm), while the remaining 12 constitute the so-called posterior compartment of the forearm (muscles of the rear forearm)

Perineo: What is it? Anatomy, Functions and Disorders by G.Bertelli

Generality The perineum is an anatomical region located in the lower part of the pelvis . This area has a rhomboid shape : the perineum extends, in a sagittal sense, from the inferior margin of the pubic symphysis to the apex of the coccyx ; transversely, it is included between an ischial tuberosity of the iliac bone and the other


Definition: what is smegma? Smegma is a pasty and whitish accumulation of secretions produced by male or female genitals. Specifically, smegma is composed of a set of sebum and desquamated epidermal cells, which is collected mostly in the humid areas of the genitals. Causes: why is smegma formed? Smegma is often a sign of poor personal intimate hygiene: when neglected, the accumulation of these secretions can trigger inflammatory and infectious processes, limited to the genital level

Body composition evaluation and bioimpedance analysis

By Dr. Davide Cacciola Writing a training program is certainly not an easy task if you think about the fact that each person is unique and different from the others. In fact, everyone responds differently to physical exercise because there are many factors that can influence ability and reaction to training stimuli, from the subjective response to training sessions and resilience, to lifestyle

Bio-impedance measurement for personal trainers

By Dr. Simone Losi The first step in order to organize a truly personalized training card, and appropriate nutrition, is the objective knowledge of body composition. The plicometry, which is based on the use of a plicometer through which the subject's percentage of fat mass is extrapolated, presents a very significant limit: it assumes that the subject is well hydrated, ie that he has a percentage of total body water of the 60%

Food fraud

Food frauds are divided into two types: health fraud (affecting the health of the consumer) and commercial fraud (only damaging it economically). Health Frauds These are facts that make food substances harmful and threaten public health. They can be committed by "anyone holding for trade or marketing or distributing for consumption, water, substances or things from others poisoned, adulterated or counterfeit in a way that is dangerous to public health"

Oxalates, calcium oxalate, oxalate stones

The Enemy of Football Oxalic acid is an anti-nutritional factor present in many foods, including spinach, rhubarb, whole grains and cabbage. Once ingested it combines with different minerals (iron, magnesium and above all calcium) forming salts, called oxalates, which prevent it from being absorbed. Because of their ability to reduce the minerals available to the body, oxalates promote the onset of deficiency states (osteoporosis, anemia etc