Pollen Allergy - Symptoms

Introduction The allergic reaction caused by the inhalation of the pollens occurs with seasonal recurrence, in correspondence with the period of pollination characteristic for each species responsible for the allergy. For this reason, the patient must know what are the pollen antigens that make it susceptible, where the plants that produce them are located in the territory and what are the allergic consequences that can derive from it

Mite allergy - Remedies and Prevention

Dust Mites Mites and their derivatives are responsible for one of the most important perennial allergic reactions. In predisposed subjects, allergy to dust mites is manifested by inflammation of the respiratory tract, eye diseases and dermatitis. This abnormal reaction of the immune system is generated by contact with different allergens produced during the life cycle of the microscopic animal: digestive enzymes, defecations and secretions produced during moulting and mating

Willis Polygon - Circle of Willis by A.Griguolo

Generality The polygon of Willis is a circle of interconnected arteries, located at the level of the brain and deputed to oxygenate the cerebral hemispheres, the cerebellum and the brainstem. Example of anastomosis, the Willis polygon results from the participation of the internal carotid arteries, the arteries of the vertebrobasilar system (ie the vertebral arteries and the basilar artery), of the anterior cerebral arteries, of the anterior communicating artery, of the posterior communicating arteries and posterior cerebral arteries

Etmoid: What is it? Anatomy, Ossification, Function and Pathologies of A.Griguolo

Generality The ethmoid , or ethmoid bone , is the uneven bone of the skull, located between the two eye sockets, under the frontal bone and anterior to the sphenoid bone. The ethmoid is a cubic-shaped bone, which is characterized by 4 anatomical elements: the cribroso plate, the vertical plate and the two ethmoid labyrinths


Definition: what is smegma? Smegma is a pasty and whitish accumulation of secretions produced by male or female genitals. Specifically, smegma is composed of a set of sebum and desquamated epidermal cells, which is collected mostly in the humid areas of the genitals. Causes: why is smegma formed? Smegma is often a sign of poor personal intimate hygiene: when neglected, the accumulation of these secretions can trigger inflammatory and infectious processes, limited to the genital level

Symptoms Peyronie's disease

Related articles: Peyronie's disease Definition Peyronie's disease, also called induratio penis plastica (IPP), consists of the hardening (fibrosis) of the albuginea tunic of the penis. This tissue covers the corpora cavernosa and normally has the task of retaining blood during an erection. The fibrotic process leads to the retraction of the albuginea, giving rise to an inflection of the penis in erection, sometimes accompanied by pain


One of the most precise and fast methods for assessing body composition Bio-impedancemetry is a fast and precise method for assessing the body composition (CC) of human beings (1985 Lukaski). Body composition The analysis of body composition is used in various sectors, such as: medicine, anthropology, ergonomics, sports, auxology

The somatotype

The somatotype is defined based on the anthropometric characteristics of the subject. Sheldon (1940) was the first to introduce the concept of somatotype, identifying the presence in each individual of three distinct components: ENDOMORPHIC (7, 1, 1) narrow shoulders and wide hips, soft body, high body fat, viscerotonic MESOMORPHIC (1, 7, 1) muscular, mature appearance, thick skin, correct posture, somatotonic ECTOMORPHIC (1, 1, 7) youthful appearance, tall, not very muscular, intelligent, cerebrotonic The morphological aspect can be defined by assigning a variable score from 1 (minimum) to 7 (

Oxalates, calcium oxalate, oxalate stones

The Enemy of Football Oxalic acid is an anti-nutritional factor present in many foods, including spinach, rhubarb, whole grains and cabbage. Once ingested it combines with different minerals (iron, magnesium and above all calcium) forming salts, called oxalates, which prevent it from being absorbed. Because of their ability to reduce the minerals available to the body, oxalates promote the onset of deficiency states (osteoporosis, anemia etc

Food fraud

Food frauds are divided into two types: health fraud (affecting the health of the consumer) and commercial fraud (only damaging it economically). Health Frauds These are facts that make food substances harmful and threaten public health. They can be committed by "anyone holding for trade or marketing or distributing for consumption, water, substances or things from others poisoned, adulterated or counterfeit in a way that is dangerous to public health"