Mite allergy - Remedies and Prevention

Dust Mites Mites and their derivatives are responsible for one of the most important perennial allergic reactions. In predisposed subjects, allergy to dust mites is manifested by inflammation of the respiratory tract, eye diseases and dermatitis. This abnormal reaction of the immune system is generated by contact with different allergens produced during the life cycle of the microscopic animal: digestive enzymes, defecations and secretions produced during moulting and mating

MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: "buffalo" or disease of the new millennium?

What is that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity , in English Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), is a chronic medical condition characterized by total intolerance to an environment, or rather to a category of chemical substances; among the most commonly incriminated are smoke, pesticides, plastic substances, petroleum derivatives, synthetic fabrics, perfumed products and paint vapors, caffeine and food additives (tartrazine, monosodium glutamate), hair dyes and sprays, shampoos and cosmetic ingredients of synthetic origin, especially if derived from oil

Hyoid bone

Generality The hyoid bone - or simply hyoid - is an unequal and median bone, in the shape of a horseshoe, which is located in the neck, exactly between the chin and the thyroid cartilage of the larynx. In the hyoid bone it is possible to recognize a central portion, called body, and two extensions on each side, called horns

Hip and femur: posterior view, origins and muscular insertions

Click on the name of the muscles to view their anatomical features See also: Hip and hip osteoarthritis: muscle strengthening after surgery Upper limb Lower limb Trunk Abdomen Articles

Who is the andrologist?

Andrology is the branch of internal medicine that studies and treats the problems of the reproductive and urinary tract. The andrologist, therefore, is an internist expert in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that can affect the male organs responsible for reproduction (penis, testicles, prostate and seminal vesicles) and the excretion of urine (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra)

Priapism - Causes and Symptoms

Related articles: Priapism Definition Priapism is a painful and persistent erection, which does not depend on desire or sexual excitement. There are two main types of priapism: ischemic (low flow) and non-ischemic (high flow). Ischemic priapism is the lack of detumescence of the penis due to insufficient venous blood outflow (the blood remains trapped in the organ)

Bioimpedance analysis and water in the human body

Curated by Gerolamo Cavalli and Gabriele Gualandris It does not seem to interest anyone, or at least a few; we are mainly interested in body fat, to the limit of lean mass ... And water? This lack of interest is curious, given that we are made of water for 65% of our weight. An adult man of about 70Kg should have about 45 liters in his body, it seems strange but it is really so

BMI and Application Utility

BMI and Public Health BMI is generally used as a means of estimating the general body mass, especially of research samples, and can serve indicatively as a means of estimating subjective adiposity. While on the one hand the BMI enjoys excellent ease of use, on the other it has a certain accuracy limit

Food fraud

Food frauds are divided into two types: health fraud (affecting the health of the consumer) and commercial fraud (only damaging it economically). Health Frauds These are facts that make food substances harmful and threaten public health. They can be committed by "anyone holding for trade or marketing or distributing for consumption, water, substances or things from others poisoned, adulterated or counterfeit in a way that is dangerous to public health"

Oxalates, calcium oxalate, oxalate stones

The Enemy of Football Oxalic acid is an anti-nutritional factor present in many foods, including spinach, rhubarb, whole grains and cabbage. Once ingested it combines with different minerals (iron, magnesium and above all calcium) forming salts, called oxalates, which prevent it from being absorbed. Because of their ability to reduce the minerals available to the body, oxalates promote the onset of deficiency states (osteoporosis, anemia etc