Nettle Sting: Treatments

Contact with nettle causes a transient dermatological reaction to itching, burning and mild paresthesia. The drugs used against this reaction, called anti-itching, are generally in the form of an ointment and contain antihistamines or hydrocortisone; these confer a rather rapid relief from the typical symptoms of nettle urtication

Argan Oil Allergy

Argan oil can also be responsible for an anaphylactic type reaction. It is documented in the journal "Allergy" and more precisely in the volume 65, chapter 5 and pag. 662-663, released in May 2010. Li, the following is quoted: "We present the first documented case of argan allergy. A 34-year-old Moroccan man, with no history of allergies, complained of rhinitis and conjunctivitis manifested by the immediate aromatic perception of argan oil

Homer and scapula: posterior view, origins and muscular insertions

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The trapezius muscle is located in the nuchal region and in the dorsal part of the thorax. It is commonly divided into three parts: descending, transverse and ascending. The descending part originates from the superior nuchal line, from the external occipital protuberance and from the nuchal ligament

Peyronie's disease

Generality Peyronie's disease is a pathology of the penis, characterized by the anomalous formation of fibrous-cicatricial tissue in correspondence with the cavernous bodies. This reflects negatively on erectile function, resulting in a medical condition called a curved penis . Penile trauma are most likely responsible for the formation of fibrous-scar tissue; such traumatic events can be due to more or less fortuitous incidents or to certain sexual relations


Definition: what is smegma? Smegma is a pasty and whitish accumulation of secretions produced by male or female genitals. Specifically, smegma is composed of a set of sebum and desquamated epidermal cells, which is collected mostly in the humid areas of the genitals. Causes: why is smegma formed? Smegma is often a sign of poor personal intimate hygiene: when neglected, the accumulation of these secretions can trigger inflammatory and infectious processes, limited to the genital level


One of the most precise and fast methods for assessing body composition Bio-impedancemetry is a fast and precise method for assessing the body composition (CC) of human beings (1985 Lukaski). Body composition The analysis of body composition is used in various sectors, such as: medicine, anthropology, ergonomics, sports, auxology

The Eskimos and the Brevilines gain more easily

The polar fox ( Alopex lagopus , in the photo) and the Eskimos have something in common. Compared to the desert fox, in fact, the polar fox has small ears, limbs and tail. Similarly, in Eskimos the arms and legs are proportionally shorter than the torso compared to those of black individuals. The reason for these features

Food fraud

Food frauds are divided into two types: health fraud (affecting the health of the consumer) and commercial fraud (only damaging it economically). Health Frauds These are facts that make food substances harmful and threaten public health. They can be committed by "anyone holding for trade or marketing or distributing for consumption, water, substances or things from others poisoned, adulterated or counterfeit in a way that is dangerous to public health"

Oxalates, calcium oxalate, oxalate stones

The Enemy of Football Oxalic acid is an anti-nutritional factor present in many foods, including spinach, rhubarb, whole grains and cabbage. Once ingested it combines with different minerals (iron, magnesium and above all calcium) forming salts, called oxalates, which prevent it from being absorbed. Because of their ability to reduce the minerals available to the body, oxalates promote the onset of deficiency states (osteoporosis, anemia etc