Smooth and Soft Leather


Undisputed instrument of seduction together with long hair and defined lips, smooth and soft skin is a desire to which a good slice of the female world aspires.

Let's immediately dispel the belief that a skin as smooth as silk could only be seen in photographs, thanks to skilful graphic retouching. Based on this conviction, many women have unfortunately surrendered to the idea of ​​not being able to obtain a smooth skin, in excellent condition and free from blemishes such as scars left by acne, pimples, expression lines, blackheads and how much other. Having a smooth, soft and supple skin is no longer just an unattainable aspiration: it is enough to put into practice some small behavioral tricks and use the right products to exhibit perfect skin.


Behavioral devices to obtain a Smooth and Soft Skin

The main tricks to follow to have a smooth, soft and healthy skin mainly concern the lifestyle.

First of all, following a balanced diet and practicing a constant sporting activity are two simple basic rules to promote an ideal state of health, which inevitably reflects positively also in the appearance of the skin. Conducting a regular life can only benefit the general well-being of the person, both physical and psychological: it is no coincidence that the skin is said to be the mirror of health.

Furthermore, a correct lifestyle should be free of harmful vices both for the skin and for the organism as a whole, such as smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol and spirits.

However, when such measures are not sufficient to guarantee a perfectly smooth skin, modern cosmetics can undoubtedly support - in an excellent way - the beneficial action promoted by food and sports.


Choose the right products to have a Smooth and Soft Skin

Beauty products aim to optimize the appearance of the skin: very often, however, men and women who regularly use cosmetics to obtain a smooth and perfect skin declare themselves dissatisfied with the same products, accusing them of not keeping their promises. In reality, more often than not, the failure of a beauty treatment is not so much due to the composition of that particular cosmetic, but rather to the unsuitable choice of the same. Starting from this assumption, it is easy to understand how essential it is to choose the right products: each type of skin requires a specific treatment. Clearly, in addition to being functional, cosmetics must not attack or irritate the skin: undoubtedly those that are delicate and formulated with natural extracts are to be preferred.

Only the selection of the right products - and their constant application - can bring a beneficial effect to the skin, making it smooth, luminous and perfect.

Which cosmetics to choose, therefore, to exhibit a smooth skin without blemishes?

Oily Skin

With the right treatments, even oily and acneic skin can become smooth and smooth. The exfoliating treatment is undoubtedly the most indicated to smooth the skin, remove the typical scabs that cover the pimples and encourage cell renewal. Exfoliating creams - formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, etc. - they must however be used with moderation and common sense to avoid irritating the skin unnecessarily.

Impure skin can also be polished with physical exfoliants: for example, horsehair gloves or net sponges are ideal tools for smoothing and making skin more uniform at critical points.

The exfoliating treatment, however, is not always sufficient to have a smooth and soft skin: the skin also requires to be deeply hydrated with specific cosmetics (eg creams with hyaluronic acid) and protected from the extremely dangerous UV rays of the sun.

Dry skin

Similar to the previous case, even a carefully treated dry skin can become smooth, luminous and soft. For this purpose, it is recommended to use emollient and softening cosmetics such as vegetable oils and waxes (sweet almond oil, argan oil, jojoba liquid wax), butters (eg cocoa butter, shea butter) and bee products such as honey or beeswax. Also in this case, the exfoliating products are very useful to remove dead cells, and at the same time stimulate cellular turnover.

Mixed Skin

Mixed skin is a particular type of skin that is characterized by the alternation of areas of dry skin to areas where the skin is, instead, oily. In this case, the choice of the right products is definitely fundamental to obtain a smooth and soft skin, as well as healthy.

In fact, if you use too aggressive detergents and cosmetics, you will get irritated in the drier areas and you will get an overproduction of sebum that will worsen the appearance of the fatter areas. Similarly, emollient, film-forming and excessively nourishing products are not suitable for the treatment of this type of skin.

In fact, mixed skin requires the use of detergents and delicate, moisturizing (but not occlusive) and sebornomalizing products.

Also in this case, exfoliating products and scrubs can be useful, as long as they are performed at least one week apart.

Useful tips

Whatever the type of skin, it is possible to support the action of cosmetic products by following a few simple precautions. The following advice can thus facilitate the action of creams and treatments, in order to obtain (and maintain) a smooth and smooth skin for longer:

  • Always apply skin care products after thorough cleansing, which should be performed with mild and non-irritating skin cleansers.
  • Avoid polluted places and do not smoke.
  • Avoid frequent washing (more than 3 per day) or very thin (less than one per day).
  • Yes to purifying masks (eg clay mask) for impure skin.
  • Yes to nourishing packs with vegetable oils for dry skin.
  • During the shower, it is recommended to use a net sponge or horsehair glove: these are useful tools that, by exerting a friction on the superficial layers of the epidermis, gently exfoliate the skin, making it appear soft, smooth and smooth.
  • Always protect your skin from the sun by applying a generous layer of sunscreen.
  • Massage the product (eg cream) onto the skin, until completely absorbed.
  • Regularly perform a thorough cleaning of the home face to always exhibit a smooth and soft skin.
  • Follow a nutritionally balanced diet, free from excess and low in fat.
  • Dedicate yourself regularly to a sports activity appropriate to your physical condition.

Hair removal

Smooth and soft skin is also synonymous with superfluous hair-free skin. Men and women, always attentive to the aesthetic aspect, devote more and more attention to skin care and beauty. There are several types of hair removal. In general, depilatory techniques to obtain a smooth and soft skin, free of unwanted hair are:

  • Waxing / depilatory strips : a very popular hair removal method that involves removing the entire hair at the root. After the application of a special hot liquid wax (beeswax, rosin and paraffin) on the skin, the hair is abruptly torn off with the help of a special fabric that adheres perfectly to the wax. Hot waxing is a medium pain method commonly used by women (and also by some men) to obtain a smooth and soft skin. The result, thanks to the removal of the hair shaft but also of the bulb, lasts approximately 2-4 weeks.
  • Depilatory creams (chemical depilatory methods): they act by directly attacking the keratin structure of the hair, at the level of the skin. The depilatory creams break the disulfide bridges that make up keratin (the protein that forms the hair), so that the hair - almost burned - is easily removed with a simple wash. This method of depilation guarantees an extremely soft and smooth skin for a few days.
  • Shaving with razor : painless, fast and very practical depilatory technique that involves removing hair through specific razor blades or razors. Shaving with razor, however, has a noticeable drawback: after treatment, in fact, the hair tends to grow back stronger and more sharp, and the "smooth skin" effect vanishes after a couple of days.
  • Removal of unwanted hair by electric epilator . The electric epilator is an instrument that allows an effective removal of unwanted hair through a series of "motorized" tweezers placed on the mobile head of the instrument. The electric epilator removes unwanted hair by tearing it at the root, thus ensuring a smooth and soft skin for several weeks.
  • Electroepilation with needle ( diathermocoagulation ): this depilatory technique consists of the application of a low voltage electric current which acts directly on the hair bulb. The electric current, turning into thermal energy, destroys the proteins that make up the hair bulb; consequently, semi-permanent hair removal is promoted.
  • Photothermolysis with pulsed light ( IPL ): this technique is capturing the interest of many boys and girls, attracted by the idea of ​​having a smooth and soft skin for very long periods. This depilatory method - among other things, is not painless - involves the application of a particular pulsed light instrument on the skin to remove unwanted hair. Targeting the melanin (pigment that gives the color to the hair) of the bulb, this high intensity polychromatic light turns into heat: in this way, the vital structures of the hair itself are denatured and its regrowth is inhibited for many weeks (or in permanent mode after a few sessions).
  • Laser hair removal . The elimination of unwanted hair with the laser is based on a principle similar to that of pulsed light. In fact, the laser emission generates heat that heats the hair by thinning it gradually, session after session, until it is completely eliminated.

To obtain a smooth and soft skin and, above all, free from superfluous hair, there is no depilatory method better than another: the choice of the depilation tool is purely subjective and depends on the duration of the desired result, on the practicality of the method and individual sensitivity. In fact, people with particularly sensitive skin could not tolerate "traumatic" depilatory methods such as, for example, waxing or electric epilator.


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