Nettle Sting: Treatments

Contact with nettle causes a transient dermatological reaction to itching, burning and mild paresthesia. The drugs used against this reaction, called anti-itching, are generally in the form of an ointment and contain antihistamines or hydrocortisone; these confer a rather rapid relief from the typical symptoms of nettle urtication.

Due to the combination of various chemicals, it may also be necessary to use other remedies. The Calamine solution is useful and, apparently, fresh urine (which has the advantage of being readily available).

There are many folk remedies for the treatment of nettle-induced itching, including: dandelion (Genus Taraxacum ), horsetail ( Equisetopsida Class), dock leaf (Genus Rumex ), Plantago major, jewelweed ( Impatiens capensis and Impatiens pallida ), fern spores, mud, saliva, baking soda, oil and onion, lemon juice and topical use of milk of magnesia.


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