Meatballs Faggots

The Faggots are a traditional dish from the United Kingdom and, in particular, from the South and Middle Wales, as well as from the English Midlands.

The fagots are composed of meat and offal, especially pork. According to tradition, a fagot should contain chopped heart, pork liver and bacon, with the addition of aromatic herbs and sometimes breadcrumbs.

The fagots were born as a popular and inexpensive country food in Western England, particularly in West Wiltshire. In the mid-nineteenth century, their popularity spread mainly in South Wales, when many farmers left the country to work in the mines. In the Midlands, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Lancashire the fagots are also known as ducks (ducks) or savory ducks (tasty ducks).

The first public citation of the fagots was written in the "Oxford English Dictionary" of 1851, by Thomas Mayhew (London); here, he described a dish very similar to the modern recipe, based on chopped liver and wrapped in a retina of peritoneal fat.

NB. In the production of sauces, for fagot you can also mean a bundle of herbs or mixed smells based on laurel, thyme and parsley tied together.


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