By Dr. Cristiano Verducci

Well-Being and Health from the Cellular Perspective

Being fit (Fitness) is not always synonymous with Being in Health (Healthness). If our personal program of physical exercise is oriented to the body understood as parts (muscles, heart, etc.) and not in a global sense, unitary and intercommunicating (cellular); we would not get a complete state of health and psycho-physical well-being.

This is why it is necessary to introduce the term Cellular Exercise and Cellular Health Theory ( CELLness ) in the Vocabulary of Fitness, Wellness and Motor Disciplines. What is the Exercise that trains all the cells of the body, simultaneously and in an effective, safe and fun way?

It is essential today to give "Priority".

Do you believe it is important and fundamental to learn to breathe consciously? (... which does not only mean coordinating the acts of inspiration and exhalation with the exercises we do ...).

To consciously breathe is to become the master of one's Breath, to have learned the ability to Breathe "energy" as much as the air. In my long experience in the field of motor disciplines (ISEF), sports and new such as Fitness & Wellness, I have met few people who give priority and in any case inform and consciously practice Breathing. No Personal Trainer does their clients work in an objective as important as their Breath.

Oxygen is the main nourishment of our cells, therefore of ourselves.

Most people have a limited and limited breathing in some parts of the body, which means, therefore, poor supply of oxygen to some cells (and consequently psycho-emotional, psycho-physical problems or in any case a limited psycho-physical condition compared to the own natural potential).

The Breath is not only fundamental for the whole organism (body) but also for our psycho-emotional sphere (mind) and "energetic" (spirit).

A deeper breathing. Relaxed and Conscious, it allows us to nourish all the cells of our body that would give us greater health, well-being and vitality to the whole Human Being (body-mind-spirit) -.

Health starts with the Cellular Environment.

Our body / organism is made up of more than 75 thousand billion specialized cells that form the tissues, then muscles, bones, joints, heart, nervous apparatus, blood, etc.

Before speaking and choosing what to eat (too much importance !!), it is necessary and fundamental to practice specific Exercises that allow our Lymphatic System (Vacuum cleaner of the human body) to work effectively.

This is because what we eat after being broken down arrives through the blood to the cells, but if the cells, and especially the cellular environment is "dirty" (TPP, dead cells, metabolic waste), it does not allow adequate nutrition to the cells. This also concerns oxygenation.

Ask yourself: How would you eat in the middle of a landfill?

Almost all the exercises that make the muscles contract indirectly activate the lymphatic pump, but the best exercise is called Lymphatic Exercise or Rebound Exercise. The simple movement that uses both the gravity and the acceleration and deceleration combined together vertically makes the one-way valves of the Lymphatic System open and close, a real lymphatic, easy and constant pumping (Lymphatic drainage in Action) .

All this makes it possible to keep the Cellular Environment clean, which would also benefit from a greater supply of Oxygen due to the "AEROBIC" movement of the Rebounding .

With this simple explanation, without being doctors or specialists we must realize how important it is, and therefore "priority" to deal first with our Cells compared to what we choose to eat or do as exercise and training.

Our CELLS basically need a Clean Environment and Oxygen as the main food.

This is possible simply by learning a deeper and more relaxed Breathing, and with the appropriate ReboundAIR Exercise (cellular exercise).

CREA therefore recommends starting or integrating your own Psycho-physical Wellness and Health Training Program with Rebound Exercise and Conscious Energy Breathing, because there both methods are retained

priority, safe, easy, fun and affordable for everyone.

Breathing and Conscious Movement (constant practice), allow us to have not only a good physical shape, but a more complete Psycho-physical-emotional State of Health and above all of high quality of life. Thank you.


& program

by CREAmore (movement and relaxation)


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