Commiphora mukul and Guggulsteroni

Edited by Ivan Mercolini

The Commiphora mukul is a shrub plant about 2 meters high and very branched, with silver paper bark. It gives life to small pink flowers, and its fruits are small, red when ripe, ovoid in shape. It grows in India (where it is known as myrrh tree) and Arabia. Each plant produces about 1 kilo of oil-based resin - obtained by incision of the trunk - extracted from January to March.

From this resin etraggano compounds (sterols) called guggulsterones - "guggulu" means "what protects against the disease - among which two, called E and Z, are the subject of numerous research as they bring significant benefits in the medical field. the guggulsterones that interest us for the present treatment.Ah, the suffix "steroni" can make you think of a derivative of testosterone such as a synthetic AAS like mesterolone or drostanolone or a pro-hormone. But it is not so. : say in the gym that you take guggulsterones - 80 mg a day - and look at the reactions There are also owners of supplement stores who do not know what it is and if you ask for guggulsterone tablets they will probably tell you that they do not take steroids or other prohibited products from the IOC (mind that it really happened!).

So ... I was talking about their beneficial effects in the medical field. I begin to list them and then put the relationship with the thyroid at the bottom, as I did with forskolin. Guggulsterones have a lipid-lowering and anti-atherogenic action: they reduce total cholesterol from 14 to 27% and blood triglycerides within a 12-week period from 22 to 30%. The reduction in total cholesterol is largely due to the LDL fraction.

They also have an anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet aggregation action. They protect the gastric mucosa against the ulcerations produced - for example - from the abuse of alcohol.

And now, the action we are most interested in being inherent in the topic here dealt with: guggulsterones are useful as adjuvants in slimming regimes thanks to their stimulating action on the thyroid. In particular, the most recent research shows that they increase the level of T3 compared to T4. If you have studied the long premise that I gave you before about the physiology of the butterfly gland, you will understand what this means (T3 is about 4 times faster and more effective than T4). It is interesting to note that - as for forskolin - guggulsterones do not create negative feedback.

In competitive Body Building the Commiphora Mukul extract is used to support the thyroid during cycles with synthetic iodized hormones (eg: levothyroxine sodium, triacana) and to accelerate the recovery of endogenous production at the end of these. Athletes start by taking guggulsterones about 10-14 days before the end of the cycle, and then continue for another 4 weeks or so. In truth, forskolin is much more suitable for this purpose.

However, those who follow a low-calorie diet for a slimming, non-competitive purpose, benefit from guggulsterones both for their lipid-lowering effect and for the increased metabolism dictated by the modified T3 / T4 ratio. We come to useful dosages: in mother tincture 20 drops two - three times a day, or 20-40 mg of pure dry extract 3-4 times a day with meals (for a maximum of two to three months). Like forskolin they work well in blends with beta herbal stimulants, also in combination with Coleus Forskohlii. Always like forskolin, be careful in the dosages contained in the various supplements on the market: they are often insufficient dosages to produce an effect in the body. The producers play on the name, hoping that they will not read or ignore the quantities. The useful dosages are those mentioned above.

Being a herbal product, it can cause rare allergic reactions with skin rushes. In this case, stop taking it immediately. During the scientific studies some rare cases of headache, mild nausea, diarrhea, eructation, hiccups and abdominal bloating emerged.

As for forskolin, do not take these guggulsterones if you are under any drug therapy, WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING THE DOCTOR. Indeed metabolism stimulating products have interaction with the pharmacodynamics of different pharmaceutical products.


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