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When lacking is motivation and constancy.

Italian Military Fitness is a project born last April to bring people back to training in a serious way, in contact with nature and rediscovering some important values ​​of being together with others. In contrast to the tendency to enroll in the gym and then give up after two months and meet another failure, the idea behind IMF is to use three psychological elements typical of military life - motivation, determination and teamwork - for lead people towards sporting goals that they would tend to reach more easily.

The sporting director, Mirko D'Arcangelo, spent 5 years in the Italian Army accompanying this passion for fitness, which led him to become a personal trainer.

The setting of the IMF training sessions is therefore of military inspiration as well as the management of the group but without the possessed attitudes that scream and scream to stimulate people. We use teamwork and the tranquility of a non-competitive environment in which nobody is left to himself and the trainers have the responsibility to continually know how to modulate what they do, taking into account the whole group (which is different from time to time ) and getting the whole team to the finish line. Either all or none.

It is remarkable to see how even the most resistant people to train, if inserted in this context they end up giving much more both to themselves and to the team, therefore to obtain many more results, having fun, knowing other people and in less time.

IMF organizes on February 20 (2010) the first training course to become IMF Official Trainer. It is a course in which IMF training techniques and some group management psychological techniques will be taught to improve one's ability to coordinate more people during training and above all to strengthen and increase team play and energy than from this is generated.

The course is aimed at all certified personal trainers who want to improve their skills and include a park workout to put into practice what they learned in the morning. For trainers or gyms that want to join Italian Military Fitness there is also a program specifically designed to join the team.

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