Treating Cellulite - Nutrition and Physical Activity

The treatment of cellulite is a controversial topic that often generates small diatribes among sports technicians, food professionals, masseurs, pharmacists, plastic surgeons, beauticians etc. As often happens, the difference of opinion arises from the fact that nobody has the absolute truth about the best recipe for the treatment of cellulite in his pocket

Cellulite: causes of origin and evolution

By Dr. Davide Cacciola Edematous-fibro-sclerotic panniculopathy, better known as cellulitis , is a pathology that indicates an altered condition of the hypodermis, a subcutaneous tissue present underneath the skin, consisting mainly of fat cells. Ipoderma is an active tissue because its metabolism is linked to the caloric balance


By Dr. Gianfranco De Angelis CELLULITE: term of current use used to define a particular dysfunction of the subcutaneous tissue and dermis exchange; in practice, it is the ultimate effect of an altered connective tissue turnover. The female sex is more affected (over 95% of cases) and the disease is often associated with dysmetabolic and endocrine disorders (obesity, diabetes, pituitary dysfunction)

Cellulite: what is the most suitable physical activity?

By Dr. Davide Cacciola Physical activity is a great way to combat cellulite For the moment there are two currents of thought on the most suitable physical activity in this case: the supporters of the fact that lactic acid, produced by the metabolism of sugars in lack of oxygen, therefore during medium / high intensity activities, may be an aggravating factor is cellulite, and those who think they are not

Tan and Ultraviolet rays

The sun In addition to the well-known ultraviolet rays responsible for tanning, the sun emits a large quantity and variety of electromagnetic radiations that originate from the thermonuclear reactions that take place at the level of its nucleus. Fortunately, solar radiation is largely absorbed by the earth's atmosphere which acts as a real filter

Artificial Tan

Generality The artificial tan is a practice that allows you to tan the skin through the use of equipment equipped with UV lamps, or through the use of those that are commonly referred to as "tanning lamps". Anyone who does not want to give up the coveted bronze color during the winter months, therefore, can resort "quietly" to artificial lamps

Evolution of the tan phenomenon in the last century

Introduction The relationship between man and tan has changed profoundly in recent years, in line with the socio-economic changes that have occurred in the history of humanity. However, over the years, tanning has always been used as a distinctive feature of different social classes: since ancient times it has been considered a prerogative of the less wealthy and poorer social classes, to then take on the meaning contrary to the passage of time and with the advent of industries

Fruit Acids - Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids

What are Fruit acids - also known as alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids - are widely used for their exfoliating and antioxidant properties. The name of these particular types of acids comes from the fact that they are present in large quantities inside the fruit. These include: malic acid from apples, tartaric acid from grapes, glycolic acid from sugar cane, citrus citric acid, mandelic acid from almonds, etc

Food and Tanning

Generality Food and tanning are closely related concepts. Usually, when we talk about tanning, we immediately think about how to obtain it by protecting the skin from the harmful action of the sun's rays with specific cosmetics, without taking into account how much food plays a fundamental role in this area

Tanning and Protection

Generality Tanning is the main defense mechanism that our skin adopts to protect itself from the harmful action of UV rays. Naturally, this mechanism may be insufficient in the event of frequent, prolonged and / or uncontrolled exposure to the sun. In these cases, therefore, it is essential to protect yourself adequately, taking all the precautions and measures currently available and allowing you to enjoy the sun and life in the open air avoiding the damage it can cause (erythema, skin spots, photoaging, tumors of the skin, etc

Tanning and Photosensitivity

Generality The tan, currently sought after and desired because it is synonymous with beauty, is actually a defensive strategy implemented by the skin, in order to protect itself and the entire body from damage resulting from direct - and, unfortunately, often uncontrolled - exposure to light solar and / or artificial UV rays (tanning lamps)

Phototype and Tanning

Skin color and tan The phototype of an individual plays a fundamental role in the tanning process. Depending on the skin type, in fact, it is possible to determine which reactions the skin can undergo in the event of sun exposure. It is not by chance that the individual's ability to tan is strongly dependent on the phototype of belonging

Special Tan

ALL ABOUT TANNING The history, the negative and positive effects, the precautions, the right products and the advice for a healthy tan, both natural and artificial The history of tanning Evolution of the tan phenomenon in the last century: the relationship with tanning has changed profoundly in recent years

How to achieve the aesthetic quality of the abdomen

Watch the video X Watch the video on youtube Edited by Ivan Mercolini The following article clarifies once and for all what are the points to be met to obtain sculpted abs. I decided to write it in response to the strong demands on this topic that I gathered in the community and as an instructor. It concerns above all the boys, given that these are the ones who have the aesthetic necessity (and anatomical characteristics) of "showing chess"

Acne - Natural Remedies and Homeopathy

Generality There are many remedies used in traditional and alternative medicines to combat acne. These remedies - from the most varied mechanisms of action - are united by the fact of being of natural origin. In alternative medicines, however - unlike medicine based on the scientific method - there is not a single medicine or a category of drugs able to defeat acne, but a series of personalized remedies that take into account the physical and psychological implications of those who He suffers

Afte della Bocca

What are Mouth ulcers are lesions of the oral mucosa, characterized by roundish abrasions or ulcers with a diameter of 2-5 mm, although they can sometimes reach dimensions greater than one centimeter. Slightly deep and surrounded by a reddish halo, oral sores can be single or present in groups. Normally they recover in 7-15 days, but tend to recur again after a long time


Generality Acne is an inflammation of the pilosebacee glands with papules (solid lesions, detected by the skin surface), pustules (more severe and disfiguring acne lesions, are due to the action of germs and arise on previous papules), comedones (or white spots and blacks), superficial cysts, suppurates (filled with pus) and, in the most serious cases, fistulis (when the cysts unite in the depth of the skin)

Micellar water

What is Micellar Water Micellar water is a water-based cleaning solution, which removes make-up residues and impurities from the face and around the eyes, respecting their physiology. The product is based on micelle technology, that is, surfactant molecules that come together to form small spheres. These agglomerates are able to incorporate and eliminate impurities and traces of smog, sebum and make-up

Preparation for the photo book (for her and for him)

Edited by Ivan Mercolini Premise Ivan Mercolini> - author of the article - With this essay I will give the final indications to arrive at the important appointment of the book . Here will be the final steps, that is I will take for granted that you have already reached your best physical shape both in quality and in quantity

Caffeine against Bags and Dark Circles

Generality The use of caffeine against bags and dark circles is spreading more and more thanks to the particular properties of this substance. More in detail, to counteract these imperfections, it is used for topical use, in fact, it can be found in many products for the eye area. What is Caffeine Caffeine is a purine-based alkaloid contained in various plants, such as coffee, cocoa, tea, guarana, cola and maté.

Pimples under the skin

What are Pimples under the skin represent an imperfection that is as widespread as it is hated, which can affect any individual. Very annoying and often difficult to eliminate, under the skin pimples can occur either individually or in groups, giving the skin area in which a decidedly unaesthetic appearance appears

Cocoa butter

What is Cocoa Butter? Cocoa butter is a mixture of fatty substances obtained from the seeds (more correctly, from beans) of Theobroma cacao , a very common tree in South America and other tropical regions. The almond enclosed in its seeds has a high lipid content, which is around 50%. The cocoa beans are enclosed within the fruits of the plant: the cabosse

Causes of irsutism

The causes of hirsutism can be of various origins and nature. Below, all the factors known to date that are able to give rise to this disorder will be briefly described. Idiopathic hirsutism Idiopathic or peripheral hirsutism is a fairly frequent form of hirsutism, especially in some geographical areas and among certain ethnic groups

Carnauba wax

What is Carnauba Wax? Carnauba wax is a natural product derived from the leaves of some palm trees belonging to the Copernicia genus, among which the species Copernicia cerifera and the species Copernicia prunifera (Mueller), native to Argentina, South America and the north-eastern regions of Brazil, where it is still cultivated today


Edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy of adipose tissue, better and more familiarly known as cellulite , represents one of the main imperfections afflicting about 80% of women. Today cellulite makes its appearance already before the age of 20, localizing, mainly, outside the thighs, in the lateral area of ​​the pelvis, inside the thighs, on the buttocks. Th


Generality Waxing is a very common and relatively inexpensive depilation method. Useful alternative to annoying and daily razor depilatory operations, it can however be painful and irritating, especially when the hair to be removed is thick and numerous. In any case, since only a few follicles are removed from the tear, the wax does not ensure great improvements in color, consistency or hair density; good results can still be achieved in the long term

Arab waxing

What is that Arab waxing is a method of hair removal that is having great success in the aesthetic field. This success is most likely due to the fact that - compared to the classic waxing - this form of hair removal is more delicate and more economical. In fact, the pasta used in Arab waxing can be prepared at home with commonly used ingredients


How to determine The physical constitution of a subject is normally established by detecting its skeletal diameters and comparing them with those of the reference population. Based on these findings, individuals can be classified into three categories: Slim constitution ; Average constitution ; Robust constitution

Women's makeup tips

Edited by Ivan Mercolini Women's make-up: straight-wheel tips I will now give you a series of free-wheeling "trick tricks", as they come to mind, then we'll move on to other specific tips for each type of face: - If you have lipsticks in your home that you don't use for too bright or dark colors, the result of unwary purchases or unwanted gifts (who knows how many you have at home of unused cosmetics that you have been given away

Combat cellulite

Curated by Giuseppe Cinquepalmi It is my duty to explain what this phenomenon is so widespread among women to understand its nature as clearly as possible. From its scientific name EDEMATO-FIBRO-SCLEROTICA PANNICOLOPATIA its characteristics are clearly perceived: "Pannicolopatia" because it is a pathology of the adipose panniculus

Women's makeup tips

Edited by Ivan Mercolini Make Up Tips Here are a series of suggestions to make the most of your makeup. First of all, the first advice is clearly to take care of the health of your epidermis. And this happens starting from an alkaline diet (rich in fresh fruit and vegetables to put it in a pedestrian way) and abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals

Body Constitution - Robust or Slim Constitution?

How is it established? How is an individual's body constitution established? The body constitution of a subject is established by detecting its skeletal diameters and comparing them with those of the reference population. These detections, which lead to classifying individuals into three categories ( thin constitution, medium constitution and robust constitution ), are normally performed at the level of the wrist, elbow, shoulders, hip and knee

Tips to fight cellulite

Acura by Flavio Graziano Many clients of my gym ask me for effective and lasting remedies against cellulite, but knowing very little about the causes of this inflammation; many of them were then satisfied with my advice. I state that cellulite is the effect of a general intoxication which can almost always be remedied by adjusting one's life rhythms and following a correct diet

Lightening Creams

What are The lightening creams belong to the large group of cosmetics designed to counteract the imperfections of the time. In fact, among the many signs that skin aging brings with it, hypermelanoses are fully part, dark spots due to a local accumulation of melanin due to various factors, first of all the excessive exposure to the sun or tanning lamps, and endocrine changes related to menopause or to taking drugs with hormonal activity (contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy)

Hair Growth Biology

Generality The hair originates from the hair follicle, which is located in the dermis. Each follicle is associated with a sebum-producing gland ( sebaceous ); follicle and gland form the pilosebaceous unit . Connected to the hair follicle there is then the erector muscle of the hair, whose contraction allows the piloerezione

Depilatory Creams

What are? Depilatory creams are cosmetic products intended for removing unwanted hair. Simple to use and available for purchase at any supermarket, they guarantee a reasonable result, but their use can cause irritation in the skin. How do they work? The removal of hair by depilatory creams is guaranteed by the presence of keratolytic substances (usually calcium thioglycolate) combined with others with caustic effect (such as sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide)

Bleach the Unwanted Hair

Generality The discoloration of unwanted hair is not a real depilatory technique, nor an epilatory one. This type of treatment, in fact, does not remove the stem or the piliferous root, but limits itself to making the extracutaneous part of the hair less visible, removing - through chemical substances - its natural pigment: melanin

Pimples Toothpaste

Introduction Grandmother's old remedy, the application of toothpaste on pimples is still one of the most widely used DIY methods in an attempt to combat and eliminate these annoying imperfections. In this regard, the web is full of do-it-yourself articles and recipes, which propose the use of this rather particular method to solve - according to many, quickly and definitively - the problem of pimples of all kinds (from the classics closed comedones, up to the pimples under the skin)


Generality Dermabrasion is a particular technique of aesthetic medicine, widely used in dermatology. This treatment has been used for many years now, as it was first introduced in 1953 by the New York based dermatologist, Abner Kurtin. Dermabrasion is a rather simple surgical procedure, but it must be performed with care by expert doctors, in order to avoid the occurrence of side effects and / or counterproductive results

Physical activity: essential component to reduce weight.

By Dr. Nicola Manca Excess body fat is not the simple result of excessive caloric intake. It would be a mistake to think of being able to reduce body weight only by reducing the calories ingested. The increase in energy expenditure achieved through correct physical activity plays a fundamental role in reducing and maintaining body weight