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Pyramidal - How to train with the pyramidal method

Definition and types of training Pyramid training was born as a strength development technique used in the discipline of weight lifting ; can be considered a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), or a training method that alternates high efforts (with overloads) to complete or partial recoveries. Based on the structure of the specific table, pyramidal training may be more or less effective on the development of strength and hypertrophy depending on whether the component of lactate muscular acidosis prevails or not

The basics of muscle definition or cutting in the Natural Body Building

Bodybuilding or Body Building (from English: physical culture) is a motor activity that exploits: training with overloads (traditionally free-body exercises and / or with dumbbells, barbells and isokinetic machines) and a particular diet (not always in line with the requirements for a correct and healthy diet) in order to achieve an "ideal" (subjective) aesthetic result, characterized on average by: low percentage of fat mass (Low% Body Fat Mass) high percentage of lean mass (High% Body Fat Free Mass)

Bodybuilding training guidelines

Interview with Mirco Caselli, IFBB bodybuilder Mirco Caselli is 38 years old, lives in Bologna, practices bodybuilding at a competitive level and currently works as a Personal Trainer in a gym in Vignola, in the province of Modena. Interview carried out on May 29th 2012 Hello Riccardo. We have known each other for some years

Training for the mass: Time Under Tension (TUT) in High Volume Training (HVT)

Training for the mass: principles of HVT and HIT In body building, the choice of system and technique to achieve the highest possible level of hypertrophy (mass increase) is still the subject of numerous discussions and controversies. Basically, there are two training principles compared: High Intensity Training (HIT) and High Volume Training (HVT)

Aerobic Training: this false BodyBuilding demon

By Dr. Giovanni Peri Aerobic training often takes on quite erroneous connotations, it has always been related to the fundamental activity for weight loss and to the activity to be avoided for the purpose of increasing muscle mass. Both of these correlations unfortunately die hard myths. With this article we will focus on the positive correlation between aerobic and anaerobic activity

Training for "intermediate" according to Tom Platz

Edited by: Francesco Currò After about three months of progressively heavier training, Tom Platz - in his book " Professional BodyBuilding " - recommends using a split workout in the "upper part" and "lower part" for a total of four weekly training sessions. This training routine , which is the one I will report in a few lines, is recommended by the champion for anyone (in good health), who has one to four years of constant training behind him.

We train the muscles of the outer thigh

By Dr. Dario Mirra Introduction In gyms it is very common to see the external muscles of the thighs "multi" or abductor machine "train", because the "instructors" are convinced that if the adductor muscles are located on the inside of the thigh, then the abductors must necessarily be on the thigh

Maximize anabolism in a natural way

By Dr. Filippo Casini Dear readers, with this article I would like to try to help all those people who have been training for several years, let's say at least 3 or 4, and, for one reason or another, are not completely satisfied with the results obtained or maybe, simply, they no longer get them as easily as when they were at the beginning of their weight training

Training and Bodybuilding: basic principles

By Dr. Dario Mirra Training a muscle group with Bodybuilding methods does not simply mean lifting dumbbells and barbells, placing yourself under a Lat Machine and trying to pull up all the plates available (... maybe while the most beautiful of the gym is watching us), and with all that load do two repetitions, so as to make us raise the arterial pressure to the levels of a tractor tire, finding ourselves having the face so red that it seems to be the most lightened of the equipment room; rather, it means undergoing a Work-Out that leads to exhaustion of the muscle, which impoverishes the energ

Even the BIA says yes to BIIO

By Dr. Davide Marciano With this article it is my intention to provide an additional scientific / practical evaluation tool to test the quality of the training, and then to dwell, in particular, on the numerous results (increase in muscle mass and definition) obtained by applying an excellent training method, tried and tested for years

The Bodyrecomposition project

Edited by Antonio Rubbino A common practice in power athletes is the alternation of two phases with different dietary approaches in order to achieve different goals. The defined phase: "Bulk" or better: "mass" and the phase "Cut" or better "definition". In the first phase the diet revolves around the mere objective of putting on as much muscle as possible, in the second phase we try to lose the pounds of fat accumulated during the first phase trying to "retain" the best accumulated muscle mass

Training: because short and intense

Edited by Massimiliano Ratta Although science and the knowledge of physiology give us indications of what the body's reactions to external stress are, we continue to argue that body building is not an exact science, that is, there is no right working protocol to to refer to, because what will work wonderfully for an individual, will not work at all for another

Posture and bodybuilding

Edited by Dr. Francesca Fanolla Gorilla or body builder? In my experience as a weight room instructor I have noticed and I continue to notice, alas !, to the great regret that weight training can be "harmful" to postural purposes if performed with little attention and excessive superficiality

Do you want big arms? Train them with the right exercises!

Edited by: Francesco Currò See also: Do ​​you want big arms? Train with an optimized card. As you can see from the title in this chapter we will talk mainly about biceps and triceps. As with the previous chapter, the motivation that prompted me to write these lines is the desire to make some clarity about the choice of exercises, which too often is seen almost as something random. As

The right and only way to grow

Progressive loads on basic exercises! By Dr. Marco Martone In the fitness and bodybuilding sector there are many diversified and often conflicting theories, which, due to the huge amount of data and the incompatibility between the various concepts, can lead to confusion for those who use this information

Heavy Duty and muscle failure

Edited by Ivan Mercolini Muscular failure and techniques to increase intensity Reaching muscle failure in a series means, for the weightlifter, to get to the point where for how much grit, anger you put to us you can no longer complete the repetition. You will say: the desks know it too. But then, I say, why is it never applied

Biceps: standing curl or bench Scott?

By Dr. Antonio Parolisi Joint physiological considerations in exercises for the elbow flexors For the completeness of the "arm training", in the Fitness field, we are witnessing the practice of two exercises for the elbow flexors: the curl standing with the barbell and the Scott bench curl

The DOMS search in the bodybuilder

Edited by Roberto Eusebio How many times are we looking for new exercises, new training routines or do we devise ways and techniques to congest our muscles in order to destroy them as much as possible? All this because for us it is important and fundamental to ensure that the next day, or after two days, we accuse those pains that otherwise would not gratify the effort made during our training

The prevailing exercise system

Edited by: Francesco Currò See also: the prevailing exercise system II With the advent of what I personally call "commercial bodybuilding", for some time now the fashion has come to present "innovative" methods, which - too often - focus more on "complications" and on denominations "Extravagant" than on real productivity.

The prevailing exercise system II

Edited by: Francesco Currò A few years ago, in a sector magazine, I published an article on the system (in its "original" version) of the prevailing exercise, which - in simple terms - consists of performing basic exercises with 10 sets of 10 repetitions in order to submit to a massive volume of repeated efforts a certain group of motor units in order to hypertrophy them.

Chronic fatigue in bodybuilding, serving osteopathy

By Dr. Antonio Parolisi In the context of sport, all organic systems are subjected to a high level, which can lead to a reduction in the energy component of the general organization system. It is true that in our genetic code there is a programming that allows us to carry out all the tasks that are due to us in order to safeguard the integrity of the species, but the comparison made with the "hunter of the past" with respect to "modern man", finds imperfections in the form; these imperfections are due to the fact that often we want at all costs to relate the life of a man a

"Mechano Growth Factor" training: a return to the "old-fashioned" Heavy-Duty

Edited by: Francesco Currò Stating that the cause (or at least one of the main causes) of triggering hypertrophy / hyperplasia is stretching and such a high overload that it causes obvious damage to the muscle tissue, I do not think it is new, rather ... At this moment I am reminded of a sentence, pronounced decades ago, by Arthur Jones: " Muscles can only be treated in one way: brutally!

The "heavy effort" method

Edited by: Francesco Currò Derived from weightlifting, the following is a proposal to simultaneously increase - and considerably - both strength and muscle mass. In practice, by means of a pyramid with low repetitions, we try to reach sub-maximal loads in order to maximize the nervous system. Subsequently, using an optimal load of 80% of the ceiling, the hypertrophy of the muscle fibers is stimulated, increasing the transverse diameters and ensuring the basic material of muscular strength.

Multi-joint exercises and high repetitions

By Dr. Dario Mirra Introduction Bodybuilding has a wealth of methods, theories and exercises, of a monstrous volume of knowledge. Some of them are valid, others less so, some of which work for someone, yet others that have a good response on most athletes. Why high repetitions Taking advantage of exercises belonging to Weightlifiting and Powerlifting with a high number of repetitions is one of these theories

Pectoralis hard to grow?

Edited by Roberto Eusebio Calm flat on the pectorals? All the builders know very well which are the particularly difficult muscle groups to hypertrophy: first of all the quadriceps as they are bulky - the most voluminous of the human body - and in secundis the pectoral ones, which we want to address in this article

Power Rack Training

Edited by Dario Mirra Introduction The power rack is a tool invented in the 40s; can be considered one of the most valuable allies of the weight lifter, brilliant in its simplicity as it consists of 4 vertical metal beams, parallel to each other to form a parallelepiped, and perforated, to insert bars that can be positioned at different heights, and that go to make up a cage inside which a balance can be placed, which will flow inside without trajectory constraints

Proper breathing in Body Building

Types of breathing Abdominal (diaphragmatic) / low respiration It is the most important, efficient and healthy, because it is the natural one; it mostly involves the diaphragm, which in this type of breathing is responsible for 70% of the respiratory volume. Abdominal breathing is also called: diaphragmatic or vegetative, and is used by our body autonomously when we sleep

Body Building Heating

By Dr. Dario Mirra Warming up is a physiological and / or psychological practice that aims to create the optimal conditions for the performance of a performance, both in competition and training. The purpose of heating is to: Facilitate muscle utilization of oxygen. Increase lung ventilation. Raise your heart rate

Lasting results

Edited by: Francesco Currò The training schemes that follow each other without any logic, do not lead very far. If your instructor is one of those who think more about training than compiling productive work plans (that is, don't throw yourself at random ...), don't blame yourself with your poor genetics .

Training schedule: 5 years in the past or 5 years in the future?

Edited by: Francesco Currò While I was archiving some files to one of my computers, I got the training program - dated 03/03/2003 - which will be explained in the article ... probably Antonio Sciacca, owner of the Catania Sports Club , will remember it. he used and - according to what he says - that year (the first one in which I trained him) he reached a state of form that he had never approached before .

The "god squat" does not forgive !!

by Roberto Eusebio, absolute national champion of body fitness in collaboration with Di Bella Dario Hands up who has never presented with a disturbing sense of anxiety at the most feared appointment of the week. Those who have been practicing body building for some time and with a minimum of seriousness and determination have already figured out what I'm talking about: I'm talking about leg training

Errors and horrors in the weight room (second part)

Edited by Dr. Francesca Fanolla Squat The other fundamental exercise that is often wrong is the SQUAT, together with the LEG PRESS. The most frequent and dangerous mistake is that of bending the legs by moving the body weight and the center of gravity too far forward, overcoming the toes with the knees and considerably overloading the knee joint

Stall in bib growth? Perhaps it is the case to abandon the flat bench!

By Dr. Filippo Casini Often when we talk about the gym, a little at all latitudes, the first thing that comes to mind is a rather muscular guy lying on a bench that lifts a barbell very loaded with cast iron with ease, getting up at the end of the series with a chest that almost explodes ... Unfortunately, in reality, the pectoral muscles often find it difficult to grow, partly because it is not easy to establish a good muscle-mind connection, as it is rather easy to train the arms, especially in the mirror, watching the muscle contract, and a little because the flat bench in most cases is not

Does the squat train the legs?

Edited by: Francesco Currò The title is a bit provocative, but it is not entirely meaningless. No, I'm not one of those presumed coaches derived from Powerlifter more than from Body-builder, who tears his clothes in favor of Squat1. I bow before the Squat as an exercise - especially for the natural - of "general stimulation", but I have some objections to its exclusive application in the training of the legs as I think that "unconsciously" this exercise is never taken to the limit: it is necessary think about balance, not "smash" under the barbell etc.

Natural body building steroids: mesocycles of strength

Edited by Emanuele Giuliani The first thing to highlight is that if pure strength is important in bodybuilding in general, in Natural it is even fundamental. The transverse section of the muscle is in fact proportional to the force, therefore the more load is used (always within the terms of the correct execution of the exercise) and the more it will tend to put on lean muscle mass

Is the squat for everyone?

By Dr. Simone Losi It is the "prince" exercise in the gym, all of us at least once in our lives have used this magnificent exercise. But let's see if the squat can be an exercise within everyone's reach or we need to make some considerations before offering it to our customers. We start from the support of the barbell on the upper part of the trapezoids, we can immediately notice that to correctly position the barbell and not do too much "effort" in keeping it in the correct position it is necessary to have a good elasticity at the level of the internal rotators of t

Vince Gironda: back to basics!

By Dott.Luca Franzon We start the new year with a journey into the past, going to rediscover and perhaps for someone to discover, one of the greatest characters that body building has ever known. Vince Gironda was born November 9, 1917 in the Bronx, NY. His family moved to Los Angeles when his father stuntman got the job offered to him in the upcoming Ben Hur film

Arnold Classic - Winners and Classifications 1965-2013

2014 Arnold Classic March 1 Columbus, Ohio Veterans Memorial Auditorium Dennis Wolf - Arnold Classic 2014 Champion. Shawn Rhoden Cedric McMillan Victor Martinez Evan Centopani Branch Warren Ben Pakulski Brandon Curry Toney Freeman Edward Nunn Fred Smalls 2013 Arnold Classic March 1 Columbus, Ohio Veterans Memorial Auditorium Placement First name Nationality Judges The final Total 1 Dexter Jackson Jacksonville, Florida 5 5 10 2 Ben Pakulski Ontario, Canada 10 10 20 3 Toney Freeman Canton, Georgia 15 15 30 4 Johnnie Jackson Hurst, Texas 25 22 47 5 Hidetada Yamagishi japan 21 29 50 6 Cedric McMill

Is the average Italian diet good for body building?

Edited by Roberto Rillo - Book Author: Calisthenics BodyBuilding How many times have you read or heard that we are what we eat, that in bodybuilding, nutrition is 50% (I found 80% written!). Beyond the percentages, what matters is the principle: food is our fuel, if it is not there we stop, if it is wrong we seize


Edited by Roberto Rillo - Book Author: Calisthenics BodyBuilding BIIO - BRIEF INTENSE ORGANIZED INFREEMENT: method devised by Claudio Tozzi specifically for natural athletes, including the concepts of Heavy Duty and Hard Gainer, but reworked in a more structured theoretical and practical form that also includes variables such as cycling, supplements etc