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Accelerate the metabolism

Watch the video X Watch the video on youtube Do you think you have low metabolism? Can't you lose weight and are you looking for a quick and easy way to increase it? All you need is a five-minute break to read this article carefully. Metabolism is the set of biochemical and energy processes that take place within our body; these reactions have the purpose of extracting and processing the energy enclosed in food, and then destining it to satisfy the energy and structural demands of the cells

How to lose weight

Premise on the Slimming Mechanism Lose weight is a physiological process characterized by the reduction of reserve adipose tissue, to which is added, as a consequence, a decrease in total body mass. The slimming process is based on four main factors, which, depending on the case, can prevail over one another: lack of balance between energy introduced with food (lower) and energy consumed by cells (upper) → typical of low-calorie diets; increased metabolic impact of foods → typical of high-protein / ketogenic and / or nerve-rich diets; increased metabolism → typical of slimming regimens involvin

Cortisol Connection Diet

The Cortisol Connection Diet is a diet proposed in the States, in the first half of the 2000s, by Shawn Talbott PHD, author of the book " The Cortisol Connection Diet ". It is a diet useful for controlling the secretion of cortisol in the body; as we know, cortisol is a hormone that, if produced in excess, manifests with some "evidence" some SIDE effects on weight control, such as the reduction of lipolysis and the increase in muscle catabolism

Banana diet

What is the banana diet The banana diet or "Morning Banana Diet" is a diet aimed at weight loss. To invent it (in 2008) was Sumiko Watanabe, a pharmacist from Osaka, who experimented on her husband Hitoshi Watanabe making him lose 16 kg. Initially advertised on Mixi, a Japanese social network, it sold over 730, 000 books

Honey Diet

WARNING! The first two paragraphs of this article merely describe the "Honey Diet" system as faithfully as possible; the author's nutritional commentary is only available in the last paragraph. What is it about? The honey diet is a diet that is based on the alleged slimming effect of honey, to replace all refined sugars in the context of a less restrictive diet

Rice Diet

Generality The rice diet is a diet that provides for the almost exclusive (or at least prevalent) consumption of this cereal. Currently known as a "fashionable" slimming scheme, the first rice diet was invented in the middle of the last century as a food therapy against some metabolic disorders

Diet of the Sondino - Side effects of the NEC

What is the Sondino Diet Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition (NEC), also known as the Sondino diet , is a weight-loss strategy based on fasting with few proteins and therefore not without side effects. The NEC has been proposed and disseminated by Professor Gianfranco Cappello of the Umberto I polyclinic in Rome and, as you can guess, consists of the nasal-enteral administration (using a portable electric infusion pump) of a liquid solution based on: amino acids (30-40g / day), mineral salts and water

Dukan diet

Introduction The Dukan diet is a weight loss diet created by the former doctor Pierre Dukan. Not being considered healthy, the Dukan method is not recommended by the majority of human nutrition and medical institutions. The most fearsome features of the Dukan diet are: Protein excess. Excess of food of animal origin

Feng Shui diet

Feng Shui: What is it? Feng shui - in pinyin phonetics (pronunciation of mandarin with Chinese characters translated into Latin) feng shuǐ - is a Chinese philosophy aimed at harmonizing the person with the surrounding environment. Feng shui can be translated as "wind-water", or "wind-water".

GIFT diet

The GIFT diet The DietGIFT is a last-generation food strategy founded by doctors Attilio Speciani and Luca Speciani; the two doctors maintain that, unlike many other methods, DietaGIFT is not based on caloric counting, but on the natural stimulation of the metabolism by activating the regulation centers

Lemme diet

The Lemme diet takes its name from its founder, the pharmacist-researcher dr. Alberico Lemme. Following an in-depth analysis carried out between 1990 and 2000, Lemme founded "Filosofia Alimentare", an "innovative" method of interpreting food. IMPORTANT: The following article will have the simple function of illustrating the key concepts exposed by the philosopher dott

Mayo diet

What is the Mayo Diet The Mayo ketogenic diet (not to be confused with the current diet of the prestigious Mayo clinic) is a weight reduction technique born about seventy years ago (you see ...) and developed in the 80s. The Mayo diet consists of the caloric restriction of fourteen days, among which there are only two rest periods

Liquid Diet

Liquid Diet: What is it? As the name suggests, the liquid diet is a diet based on the predominant intake of liquefied foods (or actual drinks). There are many types of liquid diet; in fact, more than a real system, the wording refers to the consistency of the foods used. The function of the liquid diet is mainly slimming, although various specialists use it to restore metabolic parameters altered by certain diseases of the metabolism (cholesterolemia, glycaemia, triglyceridemia, blood pressure, etc

Does the Mediterranean diet make you fat?

The Mediterranean diet The Mediterranean diet is a diet that should be based on the consumption of typical products from the neighboring areas of the Mediterranean Sea basin; the quality of the food contained in the Mediterranean diet is not fattening, let alone lose weight; however, from a nutritional point of view it is certainly a healthy and sufficiently balanced diet

Montignac diet

What is the Montignac Diet The Montignac diet, named after its creator - Michel Montignac - is a food philosophy that seems to impose few restrictions. It is not, in fact, a "low-calorie" diet, but a food style that tries to adapt to all cultures, applying food choices based on the glycemic index of foods , in order to control body weight

Lemon Diet

Premise It is essential to begin the article with a premise concerning the nutritional correctness of this diet. In this regard, we recall that there are no miracle diets that can promote localized weight loss, nor even balanced diets based on a single ingredient. More generally, all dietary regimens that involve the use of a single food (grapefruit diet, water diet, watermelon diet, egg diet, etc

Holoproteic Diet

Food liposuction The oloproteic diet is an aforementioned food strategy "Food Liposuction", a nickname certainly of great effect (liposuction = very rapid and fatigue-free weight loss), but obviously completely unrelated to what concerns the etymological correctness of the term. Based on what was disclosed by the doctors: Giuseppe Castaldo (Physician-surgeon specialist in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Food Science, Director of the UO Dietology and Clinical Nutrition AORN Moscati AV) Dr

Plank diet

Generality The Plank (or Planck) diet is a sudden and high-protein weight loss strategy that takes its name from Marx Planck. Marx Planck, born in the nineteenth century and died in 1947, was a German-born physical scientist who discovered and disseminated the "quantum theory". hence the "quantum mechanics"

Protein Diet for Weight Loss

The protein diet for weight loss, better defined as IPER-protein, is a diet based on the increase in food proteins. The protein diet is NOT universally conceived: in fact there is no standard high-protein diet that is the same for everyone; for this reason, more than a stand-alone food model, it could be considered a characteristic of the various nutritional regimes

Diet to Lose 5Kg

Introduction The problem of "extra pounds" is a discomfort that plagues many people. On the other hand, this is not always a "real problem" and sometimes refers to a pure aesthetic need. Especially in this last circumstance, the extra pounds are never large; strangely, women and men are united by the desire to lose an average of 5 or at most 10 kg

Diet to Lose 10Kg

Introduction The problem of "extra kilos" is a discomfort that plagues a large portion of the population. However, sometimes we tend to confuse the "aesthetic" excess adipose with the real, harmful to health. Often, therefore, the desire to lose 10 kg only responds to a mere aesthetic necessity, both for women and for men

Diet Against Water Retention

Water retention Water makes up the majority of body weight. It is not only present in the blood, but also in the muscles, organs and even bones. The extracellular and intracellular spaces are full of water, with some small exceptions in which fats seem to prevail (adipose, nervous tissue, etc.). What is water retention

Diet of Supermetabolism

What is that What is the supermetabolism diet? Originally known as the " Fast Metabolism Diet ", the diet of supermetabolism is a nutritional system aimed at losing weight. Invented by Haylie Pomroy (nutritionist), the diet of supermetabolism has become famous thanks to the presentation on TV of programs like Dr

Yogurt diet

What is it about? This is the umpteenth attempt to standardize a slimming diet, which can take hold of an audience of people who are poorly trained on the subject and probably dissatisfied with their body image. The yogurt diet, like many other "disposable diets", is a nutritional strategy that revolves around the chemical composition of a single product and allows the use of a few other foods (just enough to dodge the side effects more significant)

Weight Watchers Diet

What is the Weight Watchers diet? The Weight Watchers diet is a method aimed at weight loss and the subsequent maintenance of the ideal weight; it is a fairly alternative program, focused on food education and the adoption of a healthier lifestyle, certainly modern, but not without its criticality. The Weight Watchers diet is based on two key principles: permanently change the eating habits and lifestyle of the subject; achieve a weight that allows you to "feel good" with yourself, or rather, with your own body image; it is precisely this last objective to raise the most critical poin

Minestrone Diet Example

Premise The following indications are for information purposes EXCLUSIVELY and are not intended to replace the opinion of professional figures such as doctor, nutritionist or dietician, whose intervention is necessary for the prescription and composition of CUSTOMIZED food therapies. Minestrone Diet The minestrone diet is NOT a balanced or sustainable diet

Nutrition and cellulite

Not recommended foods Salt and in particular the sodium it contains are some of the main allies of cellulite. This mineral is in fact one of the many factors that can increase the body's water retention. In a woman suffering from cellulite this disorder is already accentuated due to the impaired functionality of the venous and lymphatic system

The Two Zone Diet Systems: How to Start

By Dr. Davide Marciano To take the right amounts of macronutrients, Dr. Sears has designed two different systems: the palm system the block system Palm System of the Hand It is the least precise method but it allows even the most "listless" and all the people who eat outside the home for various reasons, to stay in the area without too many problems

Atkins diet

Generality The Atkins diet, after gathering many consents and criticisms in the United States, has recently landed also in Europe and Italy, where it caused quite a stir. It is basically a diet with a low glucose content, which aims to satisfy energy demands especially through fat and protein. The Atkins diet proposes, for example, to start the day with fried eggs and bacon, eat a piece of cheese in mid-morning and a nice steak with vegetables for lunch

Slimming diet

Edited by Ivan Mercolini Greetings to all. This time we talk about a topic dear to a large part of the visitors of this site. Let's talk about slimming diet. The purpose of the article will be to show the classic method for compiling a diet aimed at weight loss. For obvious reasons of space I will be schematic

Diet and exercise

By Dr. Elisa Strona Benefits of Exercise As we all know the benefits of physical activity on our body are many: it reduces blood pressure, reduces bad blood cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, reduces triglycerides and visceral adipose tissue and, very importantly, increases muscle tone and consequently also the basal energy expenditure

The metabolic diet, Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale

By Dr. Davide Marciano Premise Before discussing the metabolic diet it is better to clarify that any reduction below 50-70% of the daily caloric intake from carbohydrates is strongly criticized by the specialized medical environment, as it is considered the cause of liver and kidney overload in healthy subjects and severe metabolic disorders in patients suffering from particular diseases, such as diabetes, liver and kidney diseases

Minestrone diet

What is the Minestrone Diet? The minestrone diet was born in the United States of America, developed by a cardiologist surgeon at the Sacred Memorial hospital in Saint Louis. Originally, the minestrone diet was intended mainly for patients in a strong state of obesity, who had to drastically reduce their weight in view of heart surgery

Diet to Lose Weight

Generality When during the change of season we realize that last year's trousers or shirts have become a little tight, we have two possibilities: take it out with the washing machine or run for cover by putting ourselves on a diet. In addition to allowing us to wear old clothes with elegance, the ideal diet to lose weight also helps us feel better about ourselves and, more importantly, improves our general psychophysical well-being

Point diet

What is the Points Diet? The points diet is a food strategy born in the 70s, thanks to the work of the Italian dietician Guido Razzoli. Recently re-proposed and re-elaborated by the more widespread health magazines, it aims to solve the problem of superfluous pounds, definitively and without too many sacrifices

South Beach Diet

What is the South Beach Diet? The south beach diet is a dietary plan devised by cardiologist Arthur Agatston, who describes it extensively in his book entitled " The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss ". In line with the latest trends in the dietary field, the food strategy devised by Dr

Scarsdale diet

Generality What is the Scarsdale Diet? Scarsdale is the name of a diet born in the United States some decades ago and still in vogue, thanks to the numerous supporters and the relaunching of the media that periodically propose it as an example of "miraculous diet". Developed in the late 1970s by Dr

Zone diet, dr. Barry Sears

By Dr. Davide Marciano What is the Zone Diet? In reference to this diet, the area is a metabolic state in which the organism works at its maximum peak efficiency. In it your body will function best: without hunger attacks, full of energy and with maximum efficiency during physical performance. Food is the most powerful drug we have available and we must take it as it was, in a controlled manner and in the right proportions

Italian Zone Diet

Edited by Dr. Francesca Fanolla The term "diet" has been part of social business for years and fills our daily lives by entering our homes through magazines, books, web pages and television programs. There are hundreds of "diets" proposed by these mass media and dozens of "dietary styles" on which famous dieticians and nutritionists debate

The 10 most popular diets of the last 20 years: are they really a success?

In recent years, aesthetics and physicality have become the mainstay of our society. This has led to an increase in the number of subjects who come across diets of any kind in order to lose weight. Daily dietetic sites are attacked by a large number of visitors interested in the diet of the moment or miracle diets