Do you want a flat abdomen? Don't Do a Flat Workout!

Edited by Roberto Rillo - Book Author: Calisthenics BodyBuilding The human body is composed of many muscles that always work in synergy with each other, contracting on one side and relaxing on another. If, for example, we bend the arm to flex the biceps, this is possible because, at the same time as the biceps are shortened, the opposite muscle, the triceps, gets longer

The lunges

Main activated muscles, execution technique and benefits of this exercise. PREMISE: FOR MEN: Lunges create an anaerobic environment throughout the body, which allows you to get the most out of other exercises by improving the level of general physical strength. Furthermore, involving many muscles and requiring a lot of energy, they stimulate the release of large amounts of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone

Strengthening of the abdominals and paravertebrals as a cure for back pain: is this true?

By Dr. Ilio Iannone Body levers and muscle balance Before answering this question it is important to make a premise about some fundamental concepts. Since gravity is a vertical force directed downwards, man needs a force of opposite value that pulls him directly upward. This function is performed by the antigravity muscles, which in their activation make use of levers

Nordic Walking

Generality Nordic walking (or pole walking ) is a type of walking that also involves the upper portion of the body (total body). In fact it is practiced with special sticks designed in a similar way to ski poles, or better, to the sticks used in trekking. Nordic walking can be practiced by both beginners and amateurs as a health activity, both by sportsmen and athletes as a real competitive activity

Slimming shorts

What are Slimming Shorts? Generalities on slimming shorts The slimming shorts (slimming shorts) are a piece of clothing designed to promote localized weight loss. Also known as "sauna shorts" (sauna shorts), worn during training or during the day, they should greatly increase sweating and caloric expenditure, thus reducing the circumference of thighs, buttocks and hips

Choose running shoes - running shoes

The choice of running shoe requires an accurate knowledge of the models and all the categories currently on the market. The choice has the greatest impact: 1. Possible foot support problems; there are in particular: Pronatory Subjects (Hyperpronators): with the heel on the ground the medial arch is close to the ground (the shoes wear out more in the inner side) Supinator Subjects (Ipopronatori): with the heel on the ground the medial arch is lifted from the ground (the shoes wear out more in the external side) 2

Fit Boxe by R.Borgacci

What's this What is fit boxing? Fit boxing is a fitness training method - designed to optimize the state of general fitness - developed in a kickboxing style. Very often it is accompanied by music tracks with motivational intent or that mark the rhythm of the strokes. Fit boxing is not a combat sport and there are no opponents; the blows are taken exclusively against a special bag or, at the limit, against the gloves of a training partner - at the discretion of the coach

The aerobics class

Aerobics is defined by Wikipedia: aerobic gymnastics by definition is called endurance (or endurance : the body's ability to perform a generalized muscular exercise, in aerobic conditions, for as long as possible), in which the energy fuel used to perform an effective workout is 'oxygen. If Kenneth Cooper, the inventor of this discipline, entered today in most of the gyms of our country and saw a typical lesson in Aerobics, he would probably wonder what they are doing

ABDOMINALS: myths to debunk, training and exercises

To be able to design a correct and functional abdominal training a small introduction on their anatomy and physiology is required. The abdominal or rather the rectum of the abdomen is a single muscle (there are no high and low abdominals), it originates from the sternum and is inserted on the pubis. When correctly developed this highlights 6 epigastri (the classic tiles)

A perfect abdomen? train him in bed!

By Dr. Antonino Bianco "In the morning you wake up 2 sets of crunches x 25 rip" The abdominals are muscles of great interest among the fitness-goers. From a biomechanical point of view, the muscles of the abdomen (rectus of the abdomen, external oblique, internal oblique and transverse of the abdomen) lower the ribs and determine the flexion of the spine in its thoracic and lumbar tract

Abdominals: truth and lies

Watch the video X Watch the video on youtube By Dr. Davide Marciano The abdomen, the most loved by Italians. Anyone would do anything to reduce the waistline and see this wonderful muscle band. Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion in abdominal training and for this reason it is better to clarify some things

Abdominal Mania: the pros and cons of abdominal muscle work

By Dr. Antonio Parolisi Today there are so many nicknames that are attributed to the fat around the waist: there are those who call it bacon, those who love, those who roll or simply those who say "the belly" ... Currently a large slice of the fitness industry enriches capital grounds with products that aim to train the famous abdominal muscles in order to have the squares or the infamous turtle

The beautiful turtle

Edited by: Marco Batistoni Let's now move on to the second exercise: crunch lapel on fit ball or swiss ball. Of course it is advisable not to perform both exercises in the same training session; generally in my exercise prescriptions I alternate them, one in day A, the other in day B. We position ourselves supine on the ball, making sure that the lumbar curve adheres to the surface of the fit in a homogeneous and natural way as a beneficial stretch in hyperextension, then we grab with our hands a wall rack to keep the balance (or position the fit ball at center of a multigym, lowering the b

Abdominal: a commercial ... muscle

Edited by Andrea Turri The abdominals, together with the buttocks, are the most commercial muscles of our body, usually the first for boys and the second for women. In fact, in the gym we often hear the boy asking the instructor to teach him the best exercise to get the infamous "turtle". Consequently, for some years now, the great "undergrowth" made up of various companies that produce fitness machines has been studying the best way to offer the average public the purchase of the century, taking inspiration from professional equipment or the principles of training methodolo

Aerobic or anaerobic?

Edited by Mario Agamennone In this article I will try to simplify as much as possible the description of aerobic and anaerobic activity. The terms aerobic or anaerobic determine different ways of generating energy in muscles during training. (Daniel Kosich) Aerobic indicates - in the presence of oxygen -

How to create an optimal training program

By Dr. Simone Losi Optimal training means the best ratio between training intensity and training duration, correct training frequency and use of the most suitable exercises based on individual physical and postural characteristics. Let's start by talking about the correct training duration / intensity ratio: the intensity must always be privileged with respect to the duration of the single training session, since after about 50 minutes from the beginning of training there is a progressive increase in the release of some hormones including cortisol, which is highly catabolic (uses proteins f

Personalized training

By Dr. Antonio Parolisi Fourth part And now we finally come to the drafting of a weekly training plan for our subject, which we consider to be a motivated subject and who intends to increase the musculature to the fullest. For the criterion of muscular priority I choose to give space at the beginning of the week to the muscles that need a high volume of training

Personalized training

By Dr. Antonio Parolisi Part Three A very important concept in muscle-building is that what matters is the recruitment of as many fibers as possible, in fact even the red ones are hyper-mechanized, certainly with reduced capacity compared to the whites but, in any case, can be hyper-threaded. So we need to stimulate all the energy systems with the relative fibers in order to maximize the effects of growth

Functional workouts to improve body performance and resources

Starting from the assumption that every athletic gesture and sport in general should always create and research positive and lasting effects in the daily life of each of us, through new and unique high-performance and rewarding work schemes, we have tried to develop a program training aimed at improving the multiple capacities and qualities of the organism

Abdominal Muscle Training and Bust Torsion

By Dr. Dario Mirra Introduction In view of the summer, like every year, the run on the flat stomach begins, so we begin to give in with thousands of repetitions to train the abdominal muscles, to chisel the belly and the waist, to then move on to the torsions of the bust, with the purpose of thinning the hips

Let us spread our shoulders

Edited by: Francesco Currò We agree with you that an overdeveloped muscle group compared to neighboring sections, rather than offering aesthetic advantages creates symmetry problems. In our opinion, however, this "law" escapes the muscular section of the deltoids: have you ever heard "belittle" someone because their shoulders are too wide?

Six reasons why aerobic training is counterproductive

As an Athletic Trainer and Personal Trainer for 18 years, I had the chance to see several enthusiasts in the fitness world train in different gyms, not only in the local gym in my home or in my travels in the United States, but in different European countries. In every gym or fitness center, the thing I noticed is how the same people do the same workouts month after month, year after year

Lower limbs training

By Dr. Simone Losi The training of the legs in general in Italian gyms often plays a secondary role, compared to the training of the upper body. The motivation lies in the fact that training your legs well involves a lot more effort (in fact if we think about it we are half of our body), and then there is the popular belief that arms and pectorals developed in a greater way amplify the effect of physical grandeur

Women's training: because they never get better in the gym

Curated by Gerolamo Cavalli and Gabriele Gualandris Biological function of women: splendid clinic naturally equipped for procreation, therefore for the survival of the species. Is it weak sex? Everything to see ... the weaker sex is a myth to debunk because the woman, if seriously convinced and followed by a good trainer or athletic trainer is more practical of man and as soon as he verifies the results in terms of well-being and physical form, he immediately reveals tenacity and excellent endurance of work volumes and resistance to fatigue

Interview with Massimo Rugolo

Edited by Massimo Rugolo " 5) What is the most effective workout for the buttocks? Ask a woman what she would like to improve and she will answer you in only 2 ways: BUTTOCKS AND BREASTS. The buttocks are increasingly at the center of attention in the gym and we try to discover the magical exercise

Legs and buttocks: false myths and errors in female training

Curated by Alessandro De Vettor and Alessandro Cioffi Legs and buttocks are parts of the body to which the female universe dedicates so much attention and care as to the face, the treated part par excellence. Indeed, it often happens that girls and women who shun makeup do worry and commit themselves diligently to preserve or achieve tone and aesthetically pleasing forms of the lower part of the body

Functional training: fashion or necessity?

By Dr. Dario Mirra The world of gymnasiums and fitness in general, especially in the modern era, has seen itself flooded and almost destroyed in its professionalism by the myriad innovations that every day came out of the mind of some genius, physical trainer, motor sciences graduate, or from simple room clowns, to try to give newness, freshness and a good dose of smoke to the eyes of the customers of the different centers, who dazzled by the light of some new course, method, alchemy etc

Functional training: basic principles

By Dr. Dario Mirra Functional training, now a concrete reality in the fitness world, sought everywhere and everywhere present. Certainly inflated and in some ways still unknown, as it seems to be useful to do a little work with kettlebells or on a proprioceptive platform, and here is a lesson in functional training

Functional training: fashion or reality

By Dr. Davide Marciano In recent years, in Italian gyms, more and more frequently, we hear about functional training and more and more often we see areas dedicated to this training, where the law is no longer the aesthetically beautiful and exorbitantly costly machine, but a spartan environment where you can do free exercises or / and with simple tools, such as fitball, medicine balls, TRX, kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, clubs, jump rope, pull-up bar, etc

AIP customized supplementary training

Programming of workloads in the water and fitness room, a further arrow to our bow Edited by: Gian Paolo Tascio A structured scheduling of workloads, allows where possible, the possibility of obtaining an INTEGRATIVE CUSTOMIZED TRAINING (AIP) , or a further and targeted training program, to be performed inside the weight room , perfectly balanced and organized according to the work already performed or to be performed in the training room, swimming pool and in all those group activities where general work programs are performed (lower limbs, upper limbs and trunk)

Interpret optimal training

Edited by Marco Batistoni The summer doors open and all the athletes, studying their reflection in the mirror, wonder if the months spent sweating hard in the gym have produced some results not only for their mental and physical health but also, given the season, for the aesthetic one. It matters little if you are dedicated to body-building, spinning or aerobics, swimming, etc

Functional training with the vibration platform: Power-Plate ® Core Training

By Luca Giovanni Bottoni - Technical Manager of the Power Plate Exclusive center There is a real support system for the functional balance in the human body, which is represented by that central band that includes the coxo-lumbo-pelvic complex and which allows stability that promotes reactivity. We are talking about the CORE, the muscular corset that promotes better posture and dynamic actions, an element that in recent years has assumed a marked importance both in fitness and in competitive training

Discovering the perfect training

By Dr. Davide Marciano Can a training that allowed the development of mass and strength to a given subject also be suitable for other people and give them the same benefits? Studies show that each person is different from the other and responds in a completely different way to equal stimuli. This is essentially due to a different genetics that each of us possesses and in addition, in the sports field, attention, commitment and passion also play a fundamental role

Personalized training

By Dr. Antonio Parolisi Second part Returning to the muscle fibers, the biopsy analyzes carried out in the laboratory found that 25% of the population belongs to the "lucky" category, and therefore to white fiber, 25% of the population belongs to the "losers" category, ( with reference always to bodybuilding, do not feel bad about it but it was an ironic way to define the difficulty of growth) and 50% of the population has intermediate characteristics

Breast training

By Dr. Michele Muglia Stubborn chest Have you been stalled for several months? Don't your bibs want to know about growing up? Change strategy !! Most of the time, in bodybuilding, it is useless to be stubborn trying to improve on the program you are doing, but you need to drastically upset your training

When is a workout productive?

By Dr. Gianfranco De Angelis Training is always a challenging treatment, so it is natural that you try to make it as much as possible in order to avoid unnecessary efforts and waste of time. The main purpose of a good workout is to produce consistent results. In order for a weight session to be considered effective and profitable from a muscular point of view, it is absolutely essential that the athlete is in a position to take full advantage of the effort that goes into training

Training at Result Zero! Why? "The Tortoise Theory"

Edited by Gerolamo Cavalli and Manuela Rovatti - Personal Trainer ISSA ITALY How often do you miss a target? In training, unfortunately, very often, but the first mistake is to consider this a failure rather than an opportunity. In fact it represents the only real starting point to correct the route and try to reach the goal: therefore the errors are necessary

Vibratory training

Edited by: Luca Giovanni Bottoni The vibratory training system, born on the basis of aerospace experiences, has jumped to the headlines in recent years, in a capillary manner. To date, there are numerous studies concerning the possible positive effects of Vibratory Training (AV) on performance. the AV is able to induce adaptive hormonal responses, specifically an AV session causes an increase in the concentration of testosterone (T) and somatotropic hormone (GH) together with a decrease in the concentration of cortisol (C) (Bosco e coll

Strength training with weights

By Dr. Izzo Lorenzo Over the years, in all team sports, the time dedicated to the physical conditioning of athletes has increased. It has been understood that even in sports where the domination of the ball and tactical abilities are predominant the physical preparation is very useful; both to improve the competitive performance (I hold out for a long time at a fast pace in the game and in training, I improve efficiency and I learn more easily the technical gestures etc

Deltoid training

(by Roberto Eusebio, absolute national champion of body fitness) A good percentage of the image of a "beautiful body" is due to the line and the development of the shoulders. In fact, a physique with a well-developed deltoid, but with deficiencies in arms, pectorals or dorsalis, is less perceived as disharmonic with respect to a physique with smaller shoulders and more prominent arms, chest and back